Squids for Quids

behold, a collection of mess

doodlersanonymous said: Hey! We saw your page from our coloring book and want to post it on our Facebook. Can we have your name to credit you?

Hey! Wow, Sure!
My doodler name is squidsforquids (which you can use to credit me, as it is attached to all my art things). If you want my actual name; it’s Julie :)

Can I just say, I love the coloring book!!
You guys rock!

Picknic groceries vs. House groceries

Made With Paper
Sometimes it’s good to just color
That dough though
Last night I watched a documentary on giant squid
Top of the muffin

Made With Paper
Digging through the pages of an old notebook. I found some froggies!
Finally got around to using my artsnacks box. It was fun!